Back when I started doing this column I decided that I would not repeat artists.  So after I did Heartbreaker I was done with Mariah.  At least I was until I realized that the column was not going to die anytime soon.  And since it will be five years of 90s awesomeness come February, I don’t feel too bad about pulling out Ms. Carey’s Christmas classic.

And when I was looking for banner pics I was sort of shocked by the sheer volume of Mariah Christmas pics.  It’s like she is a weird cosplayer.  I threw a gallery in down below so you can see for yourself.  As for the song, I didn’t realize she wrote it (props) and I think it is nice when people try to come up with new Christmas songs.  I mean you can’t just spend your life singing the same old classics (including Fairytale of New York).  You have to mix it up some.

So good work, Mariah.  I don’t think that kids sing your song in school pageants yet (and if they did maybe you would sue them) but I still applaud your willingness to add to the songbook and your weird Santa fetish.  Still not sure about that whole deal.  Maybe she likes telling guys they have been bad boys?  I don’t know but there must be something behind it.  You don’t see Sarah McLachlan dressing up like the Easter Bunny.  Anyone got any ideas?  How about you, the one with the adorable hat with the pom pom on it.  Anything?  Also, Merry Christmas!

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