billBack in 1992, MTV decided to goose ratings by making kids think they would make a difference in elections.  So they brought out their Choose or Lose campaign, headlined by Kurt Loder and Tabitha Soren.  Eva Halloween made me think of the whole thing by popping up on my IM on Wednesday night:

Kurt Loder is 70

Now I knew he was older when he was on MTV.  He was the only guy who seemed to be as old as KISS, but he is 70 now?  That seems off.  I bet Tabitha Soren is still as fresh as a new penny.  I will look her up.  Oh, she’s 47.  Well, your forties are your new twenties, as in you have twice as much of most things (good and bad).  And you are still in the prime 18-49 market demographic.  Which means that odds are if you are even reading this the first presidential election you ever voted in had a Clinton in it.  But he wasn’t the only game in town.  Let’s look at this crack report about a Jerry Brown fundraiser that brought in TWENTY DOLLARS A TICKET!

So in keeping with the idea that we had other people tell us to choose things back in 1992, I am going to ask you what I should be covering in this column since I went off just music.  Here are some choices.

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If you have anything specific, like a particular movie or event or whatever, let me know in the comments.  As far as I can tell, this is pretty much the time that Generation X is poised to take charge of everything, so we should probably get our stories straight, you know?

Also – fun fact – Tabitha Soren was in the Beastie Boys debut video “Fight for your Right to Party”.  True story.  SHE HAD SODA AND PIE!