Jeremy was released in 1992.  That was 21 years ago.  The song was about a little kid who goes nuts and shoots up his class.  That’s the point of this.

Now there are PLENTY of people who hate Pearl Jam and think they were all corporate and blah blah.  I don’t care about that.  I liked their songs and it is easy to stay on key when you are singing along with Eddie Vedder.  And Ten was a very successful album.  And I almost went with Daughter because I like that song a lot but I couldn’t pass up the chance to point out that a song that was about gun violence was written 21 years ago.

And honestly it isn’t even like Pearl Jam was the first band to write a song about guns.  I Don’t Like Mondays was a song about a 16 year old girl in California who shot up a school playground in 1979 (true story, btw).

That was was almost 35 years ago.

So rather than have a debate about guns or gun control or mental health or anything else that the country been debating, I am just going to point out that people shooting places up is always plausible.  It is even featured in Sons of Anarchy this season.  Nobody ever finds anything far-fetched about it.  That’s weird when you think about it.  If someone wrote a song or made a show about someone running into a McDonalds and peeing on everyone people would think it was stupid.  But shooting them we could buy.  And we have been able to buy it for a very long time.  Weird.  Good song, though.  I think.