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This column is about the music of the ’90s and sometimes songs match up with things that are going on.  Or maybe things that are going on make me think of particular songs.  Well, to be honest, the song I thought about this week was F*** Tha Police.  But since that was 1988 I had to go with PE and 911 is a Joke.

Based on the stats on the site and the feedback I generally get, the gallery audience is pretty white.  Not anyone’s fault.  I’m white.  And as I have said many many times on here, I cannot possibly know what it is like to be a woman, or black, or Chinese, or even Jewish.  I am not a “minority”.  I am a white guy who doesn’t think twice about the police because the police don’t think twice about me.

But while I am not qualified to speak on the behalf of other groups, I CAN point out things that seem to be pretty obvious.  And since the Ferguson non-indictment I have had a lot of people say a lot of things to me.  And I am not sure how these people can look themselves in the eye.  Actually, that’s not true.  I know exactly how they do it.  They lie to themselves.  So let’s play facts!

  1. Finding a similar but opposite example (for instance, this case) where a black cop kills a white guy doesn’t mean anything.  The fact that a bunch of white people didn’t protest or riot after that ruling doesn’t mean that they are more civilized.  It means they have nothing to protest about.  It was an anomaly.
  2. Anyone who says black on black crime is what needs to be addressed instead of institutional racism is an idiot of epic proportions.  Watch this Daily Show video and then ponder this:  the people who are saying that the “media” doesn’t talk about black on black crime are part of the media.  And honestly the next person who says that to me might just get punched in the mouth.  I DON’T PAY RANDOM BLACK MURDERERS TO PROTECT ME.  I do not hold some random gang banger kid up as a role model that I would tell a little kid to go find if they got lost like I do cops.  Don’t make up other things to talk about so you can avoid saying there is institutional racism in this country.
  3. Did you know that the FBI has shot 150 people since 1993 (70 died) and that every single shoot was justified?  Not one was fishy.  Not even the guy they paid $1.3M in damages to.  As an aside, the only people who investigate FBI shootings are (wait for it) the FBI.  Remember when people said Penn State couldn’t investigate the child molester, how about when they said the Church couldn’t investigate the Church?  Why do we let the regular prosecutors investigate cops?  They are on the same team.  Haven’t you ever seen the beginning of Law and Order?
  4. I loathe Michael Eric Dyson.  Anyone who writes a book called: “Can You Hear Me Now?: The Inspiration, Wisdom, and Insight of Michael Eric Dyson” when HE is Michael Eric Dyson is a true jackass.  But he is also a professor at Georgetown and an accomplished dude.  So now that we have established that he is a human being, watch this (I will address Sharpton later so don’t watch the whole thing. What I want you to listen to is what Giuliani says to Dyson in the first exchange.)  “The white police officers wouldn’t be there if you weren’t killing each other 70%-75% of the time.”  Who?  Georgetown sociology professors?  Self-important jerks?  No.  He meant blacks.  Like there is some club and Dyson must be in it.  Seriously, this is a guy that people look up to?  He was mayor of NYC and he just thinks of blacks as a collective.  Maybe the next time he goes to a crime scene on Webster Ave. in the Bronx he will see Emmitt Smith and Condoleeza Rice.  You know, because black.
  5. Next time someone tells you the cops are in the neighborhoods where the crime so it’s black’s fault that black gets arrested all the time, please consider this:  for a generation the penalties for crack and powder cocaine were wildly different, with the penalties for crack being way tougher.  Why do you think that was?  And what does it mean for all the idiots who said:  black is awful, look how much of black is in jail!  And now let’s pretend that instead of crime, the cops were in charge of finding change in couches.  If they spend most of their time in black neighborhoods, knocking on doors and going through couches in East St. Louis or Compton, would they find some?  Yes.  But if they spend most of their time in those places instead of the white neighborhoods, what will the stats say?  Black has all the change?  The deck is stacked, folks.
  6. Everyone who says that Sharpton (who is a hilarious idiot) “only shows up when cameras are around” is white.  And also retarded.  What do you think happens when the cameras go off?  Disappears?  Freezes?  You think it might be that he goes all sorts of places but that the cameras don’t?  Stupid.
  7. I hate when people don’t consider the real weight of what they are saying.  Like, if you compare someone to Hitler, you should have to say: that person is like Hitler because he wants to murder six million people with gas and ovens.  Because if you had to say that, people would say:  “What?  No he doesn’t.  You’re a moron.”  So if people want to try and evade the concept of racial bias within the police force they should have to stop and consider how they would sound if they changed the target group.  So would they say the same thing if instead of “blacks” it was “Scottish people”?

Check out the videos below.  The first one is the one for the post.  The second is a bunch of really disturbing stuff playing to NWA that will make you wonder if ANYONE is any good.  The third is fascinating.  Seriously.