chicken-cherry-colaOkay so I have been doing this column since 02/05/10 and when I started it I decided I was not going to repeat any artists.  My assumption was that I would give up eventually and this would end up being a “greatest hits” kind of thing and the last one I did would be “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.  But now that it is more than three years later and I am still doing it I have decided to do away with my old rule.  Why limit myself?

Plus Tom Petty already got repeated because My old partner did him when I had a death in the family so technically my idea was broken (oh and once at christmas).  But we have never missed a week.  And just because I did a Savage Garden Song in 2011 doesn’t mean I should have to never post this song.  They say Chicken Cherry Cola.  I don’t know why.  Listen to it.  You will remember.

So get ready for a lot more variety because honestly I was stuck between super popular songs that will burn me out fast or REALLY sketchy things that people might not even know.  So here’s to a new leaf! Chicken Cherry Cola’s on me!

Also, now I am sort of afraid that if I ever post “Smells Like Teen Spirit” I’ll die.