This isn’t Sublime’s best song.  What I Got is their best song but I already did that so now I need to do this one.  I remember trying to explain this song to a girl from Germany.  She spoke perfect English but she still didn’t get it.  I helped her, though.  I’m good like that.  Course back then there was no Google Translate.  Let’s see how it would have done.

Tell Sanchito that if he knows what he’s good to go for it best to run and hide.
Papa has a new Forty-Five.
And I will not think twice that barrel straight down Sancho stuck throat.
Believe me when I say that I ‘what for his punk ass.


Sagen Sanchito, dass, wenn er weiß, was gut für ihn ist er am besten gehen, laufen und sich verstecken.
Papa hat einen neuen Forty-Five.
Und ich werde nicht zweimal überlegen, dass gerade nach unten Barrel Sancho Kehle stecken.
Glauben Sie mir, wenn ich sage, dass ich ‘was für seine punk ass.

Now, let me be clear.  I didn’t translate the song into German.  I don’t speak German and a couple of those things up there are not even letters (except in heavy metal band names).  I tried to explain to her what it meant in English.  How’s that for racist?  Trying to teach English to someone who speaks English because a white guy sounds Mexican?  I can’t even figure out who is racist in that scenario, really.*  But enjoy the really good song and the really terrible video.  Note to all of you who plan on dying before you get famous: take a bunch of video of yourself so they can put you in your videos after you are dead.  Wait.  Maybe this video explains all you selfie idiots.  I need to get a Masters in this stuff.

*always assume the German