For some weird reason, the Top Ten News Events of 1996 are still up on CNN’s website.  That was 19 years ago.  How many of the things do you remember, and, if you do remember them, how they doing now?

  1. Israel elects Netanyahu – and he is still there!  Or at least he left and came back.
  2. Crash of TWA Flight 800 – I sold tickets to people on that flight.  It was weird.
  3. Russia elects Yeltsin – I bet you miss that drunken boob now, don’t you?
  4. U.S. elects Clinton – YOU GET ANOTHER CHANCE!
  5. Hutu-Tutsi conflict in central Africa – If you can name the country you get more points than most people would.
  6. Peace, elections in Bosnia – Well this seems to be working well.  I assume.  Is Bosnia a country still?
  7. U.S. base bombed in Saudi Arabia – We have a base there?  Do we still have it?
  8. Centennial Olympic Games – Not even bombing them could make them interesting (except for Muhammad Ali)
  9. Advances against AIDS – That’s legit.  I think.  I am sure there are places in the world where AIDS is still awful but it is probably religion’s fault.
  10. Unabomb suspect Ted Kaczynski arrested – Still don’t get this guy.  How crazy do you have to be do sit in a shack and MAIL people bombs?  Ridiculous.

So, if you can think of anything else important that happened in 1996 let me know.  The Simpsons Tree House of Horror was good that year. But other than that I am not sure.  Oh, and if you find any other zombie websites, please send me the links – I need the absorb their greatness!