Even if you don’t like Friends, this scene has to be appreciated.  As does the thought process that brought me to the video.  It went like this.

  1. I was looking for a picture of something for Halloween (I don’t remember why).
  2. I found this picture.
  3. It reminded me of a conversation I had with someone once about feet, and how everyone always thinks it is OK for them to wear sandals, even if they look like they drive a cab in Bedrock.
  4. Then I started trying to think of someone whose feet didn’t make me sick, and I thought of Jennifer Aniston.  Remember in Office Space when the Office Space guy was giving it to her?  Her foot looked normal.
  5. Then I thought about Friends.
  6. Then I thought about the scene below.  It really is funny.

So – now that you know how I thought of it – just watch it.  And wear some socks, dammit.

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