It’s that time of year again.  Time for the Costume Contest.  The prizes this year are mega valuable and the rules are as easy as ever.  Here is the deal:

  1. On October 23 I’ll post up the sign you need to use in your picture (color and black and white versions on the right 0 click to enlarge).  Or make your own sign.  Or write Superficial Gallery on your hand.  I don’t care.

    Click for Color

    Click for Black and White

  2. Take a picture of yourself in your costume holding the sign.  Or holding your…written on hand.
  3. Email the pic (and the name you want me to use for you) to Acadia at
  4. You can also post it to the gallery facebook page
  5. You will have until midnight November 2 to submit your pic.
  6. Voting will run from November 3 until 7PM EST on November 6.

The Prizes (so far) include:

Just for looking at this post – a Bianca Barnett Pig Bitch pumpkin template!

And everyone who enters will have a chance to win one of the following:

New Prize!

Goldie Fatale from Fatale Noir Productions is offering a  Holy Ground promo pack valued at 25.00 (and a signed pic). It can be yours if you win the Goldie Metal.  She’s picking it herself so make sure you impress her!

We’ll be adding prizes and sponsors can still play.  So let’s get going!

Special Thanks to Makobi Scribe who is helping the contest with her unique gifts.

New Category!

Sexiest costume wins not one but TWO e-books from the super sexy erotica writer Summer Daniels.  This is obviously only for people over 18. Summer will pick the winner herself (she knows sexy)!

Also – if you take pics of your friends and send them to me as entries, you get additional draws in the random raffle part of the drawing!

In case you don’t know how to do it video

I got a free subscription to Animoto and made this video with it.  This is proof that it is the easiest video product in the world.  No joke.  It is wicked easy.  And the pics in the video are from one of the old contests.  So if you don’t understand it, you have problems.  Serious problems!