Hello friends! October is upon us! We have a tradition at The Superficial Gallery of whooping it up all month for Halloween.  This is The Superficial Gallery’s fifth anniversary as well so we are looking to make this month spectacular.

We are trying to set up a multi-site Halloween Costume Contest and would love to entice more sites (like yours) to join us. We’ve come up with a way to make it easy and fun for everyone, while generating traffic for all.
1/2 the total prize money will go to the winning costume (people will vote on the superficial gallery). The other 1/2 will be given out to the winner of a random drawing. How do people enter the drawing?

That’s where you come in. As a sponsor, you make a page linking to the contest and the other sponsors. And you can give away up to 100 entries in the contest per person. Entries are awarded by having contestants perform tasks. Like what? You can demand contestants Follow you on Twitter, Like you on facebook, leave comments on your site –- you’re the boss of this! You can even dress up in your costume and take crazy pictures contestants have to replicate. It can be you in your costume in front of a fire hydrant, at a McDonald’s PlayLand, or in the airport washroom — Anything your creatively devious brain devises.

You choose how many random drawing entries each task is worth but a maximum of 10 points per task, please.

Anyone who enters the costume contest gets an automatic 25 entries toward the random drawing.

Make sense? Super fun? You’re in?


Send a minimum of $10 via paypal to acadia at superficialgallery dot com and let’s get celebrating!

Spookily yours,
Acadia & Evangeline of the superficial gallery