Did you know that on top of doing this I also have a very rich life of playing the same video game over and over and getting marginally better each time?  Well I do, and you can see me do it on my Twitch Channel!  Star Wars Battlefront is my game.  Well, also Minecraft but I only play that when I feel like the world is too threatening.  But Battlefront is where I do most of my killing.  And complaining that my username sucks.

See, my PS4 name is halthus23 (long story) but a huge part of the game for me is getting pissed at the people who kill me and cursing them.  It’s fun to say: Damn you CobaJeebaJoe!  <— seriously how fun is that to say?  But halthus23?  I want to change it. If I could pick anything I wanted I would switch it to: YourOwnSluttyMom which would mean that if I killed someone it would pop up:


How great would that be?  So tune in.  You can follow me on Twitter to see when I am playing.  And I will be playing today at 4:00 PM EST.  So get ready!  Oh and I will probably be playing with my neighbor who might not be set so you can hear him so if it seems like I am just talking to myself that’s why.

Also, I suck at the game for the most part so if you are looking for tips you should probably just listen to be describe what my neighbor does.  =/  Here is a clip of one of the good things I did, though, in case you don’t believe me.