Wait, that’s a typo.  It should read: Get a Bed for 50% off.  The “me” part was what we call in advertising a “bait and switch”.  But the discount part is real.

Because I am such a fancy tycoon, I get to give out discounts to these memory foam mattresses and topper things and pillows and anything else they sell.  I’m even trying out the “topper” thing right now but I am giving it an honest chance before I give my review.  I also don’t like saying “topper”.  It bothers me for some reason.  I have problems with those kinds of things.  Like, the fish sandwich at Burger King is called the B** F*** and I don’t like saying that but at the drive through I just kept mumbling “..fish..” and she wouldn’t confirm what I wanted unless I said the name and I just drove away.

So anyway, I have a discount code for you to get 1/2 off whatever they sell.  The code is BEARS50 and go ahead and try it.  It works.  No joke!  Get the topper thing and we can compare notes.  Or I could copy off you.  Whatever works.