Not sure who this is but she wants out, apparently

Not sure who this is but she wants out, apparently

Let me say, the commercials for this show that I saw during Celebrity Apprentice were underwhelming. I tuned in not because of them but because a buddy told me how Blagojevich’s wife was going to be on this and i had to check out her hair I had to check on if she was crazy.

And let me just say right off the bat: this show is fantastic.

This Spencer guy? Amazing.

Within minutes of arriving at camp, he declared that this cast was “devaluing his fame” and just going on about these cats not even holding a candle to his celebrity. He has a ONE paragraph entry on wikipedia. ONE.

And that is why I find this dude amazing. To have the audacity to declare his one paragraph wiki career ahead of John Salley? I fucking love that. I’ve never even heard of this guy and he’s spending the first episode declaring himself the King of America.

It is simply the most impressive ego I have seen on a reality show. And that is saying a lot. More on this dude later, but hit read more for the rest…

Stephen Baldwin introduced himself by saying he had been on, “a couple reality shows.” He is all over reality. Celebrity Apprentice, Celebrity Blackjack, Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge, I love the 90s, The Mole, The Mole again, I believe, Celebrity Fear Factor, Hollywood Squares, Wild on Spring Break. So, more than a couple. Dude is all over the place.

A lot of people like to disparage Stephen Baldwin as a lesser Baldwin because he does this stuff. Please. Outside of Glengarry Glen Ross, Alec is weak. Stephen is the Baldwin with The Usual Suspects and, do I even need to say it? BIO-DOME.

He is doing this awesome reality stuff to give back.

Now, back to Spencer. First, he and his wife are on the show. And this broad is ridiculous. First they threaten to leave. Then, they come back. Then, leave again. And when they leave the rest of the celebrities say the hell with it and start dividing up their stuff.

In doing this one of them makes the classic mistake of ripping off a label. Which leads to Spencer going on a tirade and Heidi crying about how she no longer has the label to a hair product. When I say crying, I mean what I say. I can’t wait until they demand to have latte’s air dropped in.

Spencer seems a lot like Dr. Will from Big Brother. Which is a good thing if this is an elimination competition. Haven’t entirely figured that yet, but love the show.

There was a lot in this two hours and I missed a ton, if you watched this show, hit the comments. Last thing I’m going to touch on is Blagojevich’s wife.

Disappointing how everyone is taking her side. To her credit she talked about it, to everyone else’s discredit, they were all “the truth will come out” and you guys are so tough. The hell with that. Especially Spencer, if he’s going to be the badass he can’t be quiet and supportive there. That is prime time to stir shit up.

This show is on Monday through Thursday. Not sure if we’ll have a post up nightly for it, but chances are good that we will if this show continues to be this fantastic.