So if you have ever seen Fight Club or like music then you have heard Where is My Mind by The Pixies.  So you might have been confused like I was when I heard an Acura commercial that seemed to be ripping it off.

I am a grown man and I am still not 100% sure if Acura is a car company or a kind of car.  But after I decided to check into whether or not they stole the song apparently they paid for it.  Well that made me feel like Acura was playing on my musical heritage (or at least knowing that everyone likes that one son) and figures that I must have enough money to buy one of their dumb cars.

If you want to read an entertaining story, you can look up the history of The Pixies.  Or just read about Kim Deal.  She’s pretty awesome.  But the bottom line is this: does using this song in a commercial make the alternative band that inspired Kurt Cobain sell outs?  Yes.  Yes it does.  But it isn’t like it hasn’t been done before.  I mentioned Fight Club and even The 4400 used it in its (tragically) final episode that I wrote about back when I used to swear.

Of course they sold out. Her last name is DEAL.  But I’m still not buying an Acura.  Jerks.

Listen to it live from ’88.  I wish I could hit that note Kim hits over and over.  I just end up sounding like a ghost who smokes.