I watch Ghost Hunters. Well, I watch two parts of Ghost Hunters. The tour, where the person who owns the potentially haunted property takes the big guy and the little guy around and points out the haunted places.

“And one time, in that corner, my cousin felt like…a hand…on her butt. And she turned around and nobody was there. And in the upstairs bathroom somtimes blood comes out of the faucet and the ghost killed my dad.”

And the reveal, where they show the person all the stuff they did or did not find. This is sometimes awkward, especially when they find out the person was full of shit.

Well, we didn’t catch any audio or video. And we didn’t have any personal experiences. We checked out the story your cousin told, and found out that the hand on her butt was in fact your hand and that you are no longer allowed around her. And we looked into the bathroom story as well. Your dad is in fact alive. He’s standing right there. And you made the part about the blood up. Thanks for wasting our time, fucko.

But it isn’t ALWAYS that way. Sometimes they find stuff! Look!

Before you watch the videos, I would like to point out that I have a few problems with the show. I want to get them off my chest.

  • If ghosts draw energy from other things in order to manifest themselves (which is an idea they mention from time to time) then wouldn’t leaving the frigging lights on make it easier for them to manifest?
  • If they can afford to drive giant SUV’s back and forth across the country, couldn’t they afford to buy cameras to wear on their heads? That would be better then them constantly saying: Dude, I just saw Rasputin behind that armoire! Did we catch that?
  • ANY time one of the fools bumbling around in the dark (which is the whole middle part of the show) says something like: Did you hear that? Or: What was that? Or: Did you see what I just saw? And then they go to commercial, when they come back, it will have turned out to be nothing.

But enough bitching – here are the coolest things I have ever seen on the show.

St Augustine Lighthouse – This is the one that made me decide the show might not be crap.

Waverly Sanitarium – The first thing they catch is pretty messed up.

Eastern State Penitentiary – This clip just shows the image they caught, without all the ying yang – you can judge for yourself.

Compilation Vid – Someone clipped together their top 10 clips. A couple are repeats, but you need to see the guy they catch on the thermal camera. It’s creepy. Also – I wish I had found this one FIRST.

OK – so if you like these videos, start looking around and you will find all sorts of stuff. Including a ton of people debunking them. But here is the thing I don’t get with the skeptics. They seem to think that if they prove it COULD be faked, then it cannot be real. That logic does not make sense to me. Pretty much anything COULD be faked. Couldn’t it?

What do you think?