Here is where we will be sharing companies with you that we discuss on the podcast which are exceptionally good for one or more reasons. Please consider bookmarking this page and patronizing these businesses whenever you can. Thanks!


This company helps women overcome poverty, pays fair wages, provides healthcare and money for school for children, they are environmentally conscious, and their stuff is high quality and cute. Jenn has some and highly recommends. No, she’s not posting photos.


Sudara helps women in India who have been the victims of the sex trade and sex slave industries (I know, awful) achieve financial independence and learn a valuable trade so that they can make new lives for themselves.

Violet Skin Boutique

BNev and Jenn went here in January. All of their products are organic and hand made locally in Brookline, Massachusetts. In addition, the spa is lovely and our facials were excellent. It’s also a woman-owned and family-run business.

Girlfriend Collective

We heard about this company on social media. Jenn pre-ordered leggings which are purportedly amazing, though they had such an overwhelming demand, hers are back ordered (expected in March 2017). However, the company runs their factory in Vietnam but pays above market wages, provides healthcare, follows a stringent international standard for safe and reasonable labor conditions in the factories, provides free catered meals daily, and is environmentally conscious. Will update this with a review of the leggings.