Yep, I’m back again with more Josh Gates awesomeness. It’s been awhile, but that’s because I got rid of cable. I was tired of shelling out $150 a month for something I barely watched. It was a waste of money, and let’s be honest, I’m a cheap bitch.

However, my decision did not come without consequence. Since then, I’ve had to listen to Acadia piss and moan about my lack of posts. Seriously! He’s been ALL over FB and Twitter whining about it. And believe me, there’s nothing worse than Acadia when he’s whiny. And to top it all off, he’s been calling me names, which is just rude. He’s lucky he’s in Charlotte, or I’d kick his ass.

So today, to shut him up, I decided to share one of my favorite Josh Gates videos with you since it’s Cookie de Mayo.

Yes, I know technically it’s Cinco de Mayo, but that means nothing to me. Now Cookie de Mayo, on the other hand, is a different story. Like others I know, I look forward to this day when I can wake up and watch Josh Gates berate the poor Danish exchange student in this video.

And I must warn you, if you’re a Josh Gates fan, and you haven’t seen this video, be prepared to drool a little. He’s just too darn cute when he’s wearing his glasses. (Yes, guys who wear glasses are hot. And I am not afraid to admit it.)

Happy Cookie de Mayo!