Mysteries are good for everyone, and the magic of Hanukkah would not be complete without a good old fashioned head scratcher.  Consider The Voynich Manuscript.  To introduce it, I will quote the website devoted to it.  Fuck you, Wikipedia.


In 1912, the antiquarian book dealer Wilfrid M. Voynich bought a number of mediaeval manuscripts from an undisclosed location in Europe. Among these was an illustrated manuscript codex of 234 pages, written in an unknown script.

Voynich took the MS to the United States and started a campaign to have it deciphered. Now, almost 100 years later, the Voynich manuscript still stands as probably the most elusive puzzle in the world of cryptography. Not a single word of this ‘Most Mysterious Manuscript’, written probably in the second half of the 15th Century, can be understood. 


Source: The Voynich Manuscript

So what do you think of that?  Some dude hundreds of years ago writes some crazy language and all the fancy scientists can’t figure it out.  Or is it a crazy language?  The guy’s penmanship is pretty good, and it sure does look consistent.  So I figure it is legit.  I don’t feel like translating it right now, so I won’t but I will tell you the secret.

The manuscript was written in the future (which is why the language makes no sense).  It consists of the directions for time travel.  So if someone does decode it, then they will be able to travel through time.  Get cracking! 

PS – I was gonna try to put up some more pics of it to give you a chance to try to decipher it, but screw you – I am not helping you.  MYSTERY!