It’s finally time for the Festival of Lights.  So all you Jesus lovers better quit whining about yout little baby birthday and think about the holiday the J Man himself celebrated.  That’s right.  Hanukkah.  The only holiday that can be spelled correctly 7 ways, and incorrectly (but close!) 10 thousand ways.  And in honor of the holiday, I am gonna give you 8 presents.  All in a row. Accept your presents graciously, Hitler.  Oh, and Brianna Banks is the pic up there cause she is Jewish.  You should have known that.  One other thing: I am not sure what they call each night of the festival,or even if they have special names, but I thought I would add some of my own, cause if they had their own cool names, then the whole religion may get more traction.


Night One: Carp In the Bathtub Night

Weird Israeli Army Woman Fetish Site is probably the oddest fetish I have seen since I started looking for things for this post.  Not to mention that this is a thread in a sub forum in a board devoted to the Israeli military.  Thank goodness the Internet makes it possible for people to find other weirdos that dig the same weird things so they can validate each other.

And yes, I know we have a celebrity tongue section.  It’s different, though.  Our thing is for science.

Anyway, just scroll down to see girls performing their mandatory military service in Israel, and think about how luck you are that you don’t live in Israel and have to go in the Army instead of ‘taking some time to figure out what I want to do’.  On second thought, move to Israel you frigging pampered sissies.