I’ve been doing this site for 10 years and we have been at war for ALL TEN OF THEM.  And that doesn’t even count the years before the site started.  That’s a long time.  And the soldiers that have to fight don’t seem to get a lot of loot, despite the fact that the military budget is a bazillion dollars every year.  Maybe we should pay the actual people who get shot at 100k a year.  That seems fair.  Oh, and we should pay all their medical bills for the rest of their lives.  That seems MORE than fair.

I am not going to give you any anecdotes this year.  And I am certainly not going to tell anyone that “Charlotte McKinney” is what we are fighting for.  Though if she were getting menaced in an alley I would bravely run in and beat up the menacers.  The only thing I am going to say is that I would really rather let a soldier who spends five years in the service come out with half a mil than not.  And I guess generals could make more.  Whatever.  Make the starting pay 100k.  Think I’m nuts?  Look up what it costs to pay for the military now.  We can totally swing it.  So now look at Charlotte and have a cookout.  And think about what a kick ass army we would have if you made 100k to start.  Competition would be STIFF!