It’s Day 1 of my 31 Days of Halloween folks!! I’ve got no sleep and slapped my face a bit with an ice pack so let’s DO THIS!! I’m gonna give you a financial and makeup breakdown of my Harley Quinn Cosplay from Birds of Prey!!

Part One: Getting the Thangs 😉

I will always say if you can buy your cosplay gear in the winter DO it! Most conventions and of course Halloween do not surround that time…in other words you might grab some stuff on sale. First off let me say I never buy pants…because I stream and you can’t see them so my ass is always in sweatpants. However I would say it would be very easy to distress a pair of denim shorts to look like hers.
Hot Topic offered both the signature “Bruce” necklace for around $16 USD. I actually love the quality of it! I did go to the trouble of buying a lot of the earrings she wore only to find you can’t see them with the hair cut…so I would save my money there. Hot Topic also has several clothing pieces, I chose the “HARLEY QUINN” logo shirt with just a basic neon sports bra underneath. The shirt was on sale for me…but full price I believe is $28.
Amazon had an AMAZING wig for $30! Just search Harley Quinn Birds of Prey wig and it’s like the first that pops up. I did have to trim the bangs a bit, but thankfully her look is choppy af anyway so my lack of hair cutting skills worked in my favor.
Total cost: $74 (not including the jewelry I didn’t use or shorts…told you cosplay was pricey).

Part Two: Transforming into a Badass Broad

For complexion I used Dior Forever Skin Glow foundation applied with a beauty blender twice for extra coverage. I’m conveniently the same sickly pale Harley is so this was just a bonus effect. Did some concealing with Tarte Shape Tape in whatever shade chalk is. Set with Coty Airspun Loose Powder.
I opted to not highlight as I wanted my face to look dry as though I had slept in my makeup. I did some light contouring with Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Light. You could easily use any cool bronzer to contour. The idea is to shape, not bronze ya self!
For eyes I used Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette. You really only need three shades, a light neutral base, a wash of grey, and a little black to smudge right at the eyeline. I popped on some Lilly Lashes falsies and then did a small amount of Kat Von D Tattoo Liner at the top and then used the liner to create the heart tattoo on my cheek. I didn’t do the rotten tattoo because I’m dyslexic and it would look like shit…however you can find temp tattoos on amazon if you need! Then lots of mascara!! Used a medium brown Brow Pencil and that was done.
For lips I used Urban Decay Blacklist Lip Liner which is much darker than the lipstick I used. That was Smashbox Lipstick in BAWSE which fun fact is the actual shade used in the movie!!

Conclusion: This is where I conclude this I guess?

It took me roughly 90 minutes to do the makeup. I love using Pinterest to get closeups of whoever I’m trying to replicate. Then I just popped into my outfit and went off do my thing! It’s VERY comfortable so I’m in love with it. Anyway now I have to go stream in this thing so I will talk to you all tomorrow!

Happy First Day of Halloween….x0x0 Beta