You know, over at Polisicks, where I put on a hat with a tag in the lapel that says “press” (because I am old school like that), I try and read as much stuff as possible in hopes of looking for something interesting to post. Most of the time it is okay, sometimes it is rubbish, like the story I was recently reading about how the press will now follow Obama around 24-7.

But when you’re scanning the one-sentence headers and see “9/11 canine hero to be cloned,” well then you have to click on that story.

Trakr is a German Sheppard (and not pictured above) who was used during the September 11 attacks to sniff out and find survivors within the wreckage of the twin towers. The dog found the last human survivor and was amongst the first rescue teams to go in when the shit went down. Because of this, the dog was chosen by BioArts International as the most “clone-worthy” canine in a competition offering an owner a free chance to replicate their pet.

First off, how pissed is CBS now that they are going to have a “World’s Greatest Pet Search” type show and BioArts just comes in and trumps the whole concept? I mean, screw whatever prizes the CBS show would be giving; BioArts will clone you a spare dog if you win.

Second, allow me to say that I am a big big fan of science, even preferring it over religion and myth. Cloning, Stem Cells, Bionics, LOVE ‘EM! Civilization is boring right now, and if we can get some more robots, clones and ½ human, ½ cyborgs out there I say, “Why not?” So, with that being said, how creepy is it that some company basically funded and executed their own version of a reality show, just for themselves and is now cloning a dog plucked from the gen pop? It’s one thing when it is a test subject, but if we’re going to enter into an era in which big firms like BioArts can pull off human competitions and then perform groundbreaking procedures on the winner, well… well I guess I should start working out, because I want a mutant power, and I don’t want scientists to pass on me when they see a pale, semi-skinny guy smoking a cigarette and wanting to have the power of flight or invisibility.

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