I saw someone do this same pose in Vogue.  I'm a model!

I saw someone do this same pose in Vogue. I'm a model!

I came across (not literally) these pics of Heidi Montag posing up a storm in the Bahamas and it occurred to me that not only is she not really famous, she is really only one step away from porn.  It’s that banner pic that proves it.  Go to the Celebrity Pictures section and check out some of the ladies in there and see if you can find a similar pose.  I think Isabella Rosselini has a few, as does Natalie Portman.  They know what classy, sexy pics are all about.

I am not 100% sure, but I think the ‘kneel on a beach chair and stick your ass in the camera’ pose was really started in 1963 by Audrey Hepburn.  Heidi is following in some really important footsteps.  So let’s hope that she parlays this exposure into a spread in Maxim, or Hustler.  Or maybe we can hope that she finds out that she is the cure for cancer and that her individual atoms will need to be harvested so that people who don’t shove their asses into cameras can live. We all win no matter what!

Heidi Montag Pics

Heidi Montag Tongue Pics