This is the second time a post of mine has been interrupted by a mass shooting. I had a good rant worked up. My dog got bitten at the rabies clinic last night. Dude was a Lumbersexual that didn’t believe in collars for dogs so his Akita (A dog that most lumberjacks couldn’t afford) broke free and got mine by the neck in a move that only Michael Vick would have enjoyed. So I ranted a while about hippies and millennials with beards. You know what? Everything was better after she got a Wendy’s Jr Cheeseburger plain. Dogs don’t care much about lumbersexuals, refugees, pro-gun, anti-gun, body parts or anything else. They had a two second fight, scared everyone human, then forgot about it once the dog pack got straightened out. The guy should have had his dog under control. There could be a big moral there about republicans and democrats and what not but I don’t think I’ll make it. I’m just going to post a funny dog GIF instead. Maybe other people will get on the bandwagon and stop making meaningless noise during scary events?