You may look at the gallery and think: damn, that’s a professional looking site.  They must really have their shit together.  Look at all the articles.  Look how well some of the words are spelled.  They are not the kind of a site that would put up a picture of a duck just because someone asked them to.  They are not the equivalent of a college radio station DJ at 11:00pm on a Friday night who is trying to come up with a great playlist but then realizes that he can just let the idiots from the football team keep on calling and requesting things and yelling ‘woooo’ into the phone.

Except today we are.  I had a wisdom tooth pulled and the funness of being on pain killers has been replaced by nausea and ugh.  But hopefully soon I will be high again so you should all root for that.  And since I am the only one here, there is nobody to stop me from posting whatever you tell me to in the comments.

Which brings me to….by request, a duck that now lives in a condo community in Deerfield Beach, Florida.  The person who requested it said:

They have a new resident living under the stairs next to the elevator.

The ‘they’ in this instance means a bunch of old people.  They don’t want kids running around (unless they are their own grandchildren) but ducks appear to be fine.  When asked about his lifestyle choice, the duck stared blankly and then scratched his ass, causing an amusing poof of feathers.

So, to repeat – I am high and incompetent and will try to do whatever you tell me to in the comments.  Good luck.