Some woman wrote an article in Harper’s Bazaar about how she was sick of having to pick out clothes every day and being late for meeting so she bought a bunch of clothes that were the same.

I had to go get my eyes because they rolled all the way out of my head while I was reading it, but this particular gem caught my eye.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, let’s add to the mix the extensive pressure on women to uphold a flawless appearance. Here, we ultimately end up with an unscalable mountain of high expectations. No wonder many people walk around feeling that the world owns them, when it really should be the other way around.

  1. If there is pressure on women to uphold a flawless appearance, it comes from other women.
  2. Harper’s Bazaar is a gd FASHION magazine that only women read.  So they have to flip past 50 pages of unrealistic body images and clothes they can’t afford just to get to the article.
  3. Some men spend more time putting cups on their faces to trim their beards and refolding their idiot pocket squares than women do getting ready for the Oscars.
  4. I work in Manhattan.  Here is what women wear:  black shirt, black pants, black boots, black coat.  I swear to god that until it hits 80 and every woman switched to sun dresses, walking around in NYC is like watching a million women dress up like The Undertaker.

So seriously, I am not sure how this woman just figured out what the army, McDonalds, doctors and Bert and Ernie have always known:  wearing the same clothes every day s easier.  But good for her.  Now I can go put on my suit and hope I have socks that match my pants and that my belt matches my shoes.  Yeah, those are the only two rules men have.  And I still spent 20 minutes holding up blue socks in different windows to see if they were black, then decided they were then got to work and figured out they weren’t.

Stupid Harper’s Bazaar.  Why don’t they write something about that?