Well, back in the 90’s there was Hot or Not. Remember that? Fools would post their pictures (or someone else’s picture) and everyone else would waste hours rating them. Then there were 587 knockoffs of it, and finally we get to 2008 and someone has come up with a new twist.

Friendly Rank lets you rank pictures of people against…a different picture of the same person.  See, it’s a feel good wonderland!  No matter how ugly the person is, one pic will get chosen.  So Reggie Harelip and Mary Lou Acne can feel great that the PICTURE they thought was better was the one everyone picked.

I want to make sure everyone is clear that any picture that gets taken of you actually shows what you looked like when the picture was taken.  If someone had been looking at you at that time, they would have seen the same thing.  So any bad picture of your face is actually a picture of your bad face.

But, since there are only like, 7 people in friendly rank so far – anyone who signs up now can get in on the ground floor.  So come on you needy bastards, go get validated!  And if you see goatse vs. tub girl, that was me…