Apparently Kendra (one of the blondes that Hef dates) really loves the Olive Garden. Yeah, even though the Playboy mansion has gourmet chefs on site, she would prefer to eat mediocre pseudo-Italian food. And upon her many trips there, she finally figured out a way to be useful to the empire that acts as her pimp.

“I eat so many bread sticks when I go there that I can barely move when I’m done,” said Kendra to some website that cared enough to speak to her. She also apparently discovered that the waitresses are hot, a symptom I have never ever seen in the three times I have been there.

So from this, Kendra decided to pitch to Hef the idea that Playboy should do a “Girls of Olive Garden” pictorial. So, a search was held (yes it was a legit search, they apparently spanned the country) and Olive Garden agreed to participate. So here we are, with the first pics back from the Girls of Olive Garden edition of Playboy. Take a lookie above at the Olive Garden waitress, and click on the website below for more pictures of waitresses who probably don’t work at the location near you.

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