Johnathon pulled out of the driveway at 7 am. This was far earlier than he was used to getting up, but it was worth it. He was on his way to see Lucy, his girlfriend of three years who was away for school up north. He hadn’t seen her since Christmas break and, frankly, that was too long for a 21 year-old male. He had decided that he was going to be classy and rent a nice, new car. With gas prices where they were, a Civic Hybrid seemed the best bet. Prepared as always, (what good Boy Scout isn’t?) John had a driving kit all ready: mix tapes, a cooler of pop and sandwiches, and a pillow if he wanted to take a nap on the six hour drive; next to this kit lay a half dozen roses.

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After a few hours, he was really needing to get out and stretch his legs; eyeing a sign for a rest stop a couple miles ahead, he readied himself for a bit of a walk and a sandwich. Pulling over, he really wanted to call Lu, but he really wanted to surprise her. Fighting to urge to dial, he got back behind the wheel noticing how great he was doing on gas mileage. He couldn’t help but think how good an idea this car was. With a smile on his face, John cranked up the music and started singing at the top of his lungs. This would be a great couple of days.

After a drive that seemed almost unbearably long, he finally got to Lucy’s exit. He could almost not stand it as he drove the last few miles as quickly as he could. He was dodging and weaving between cars trying to navigate the mid-afternoon traffic so he could get to Lu’s dorm before she went off to dinner. Soon enough, he was there and could only imagine the hot sex he was about to have. He parked and made his way up to her room–conveniently this was a dorm with outside doors. He knocked, but no one answered. Peeking through the window, he could see her backpack and shoes were there. Her light was on; he figured she must be in the shower. He tried to door handle to see if it was unlocked. Even though he knew she was smarter than that, he thought he would try. Surprisingly, the door popped open. Not wanting to alert her, he stepped softly while making his way to her room. He figured he would just lay in her bed until she got out of the shower, and then everything would be amazing. When he got inside her room, all he saw was Lucy–topless and riding some jackass like a cowgirl.

Angry, John reacted without thinking and threw the flowers he had brought onto her back and told her to fuck off. He ran down stairs and made it back to his car faster than he could have imagined. He was getting out of there now. Not knowing or caring what the speed limit was, he managed to hit 65 before he even got on the interstate. How could she do this? The two of them had known each other since they were 12, this was the relationship that fairy tales were written about and it was over because she couldn’t wait four months for a lay? Fuck her. Well whatever. He was done; this was it.

After a couple of hours of driving, he managed to make it home safely, with a quarter tank of gas still in the tank. Somehow, he had decided he would end it all when he made it home. It was the only thing that made sense. He had flunked out of school that winter and now Lucy was gone nothing really seemed worth it. Since he still had gas in the tank, he figured he would go with a quick and clean method. With the car still running, he ran a hose from the exhaust to the window, sealed himself in and waited. And waited. And waited. Eventually the waiting was too much; he just didn’t have the patience any more. Getting out of the car, he grabbed his dad’s tow rope, tied a noose, and climbed the ladder. As he jumped he had one last thought, “Fuck hybrids!”

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