Look at it up there.  Not at the Fuel Girl, mister perv.  At the title font.  It’s all…fat.  I don’t even know what it’s called.  Morocco?  Hossenfeffer Light?  Chubolio?  Whatever it’s called, I am sick of it.  And I blame all of you.  You have let us have it there all this time and you never said anything.  Like if I were with you at a bar and I was talking to some girl and there happened to be a piece of meatloaf on my cheek from dinner and you don’t tell me.  Damn you people are harsh.

But now you have a chance to make it up to me.  Recommend another font.  I don’t want Chubolio anymore.  And since I am in a bad mood I might as well take it out on my title font.  That’s really sensible.  Yep.  I have it together…

Please help me.