Did you ever hear someone humming a song and just KNOW you know it and it just drives you crazy?  So it bugs you all day and then you bother other people with it?  Humming to them like a moron while they stare at you blankly?  Well, in this story, I am the blankly staring guy.  Cause my friend King Leonidas kept singing it and acting like there was something wrong with me for not knowing it.

So I looked it up.  And I listened to it.  And I still don’t have any idea what the Hell it is.  Never heard it.  Never heard anyone hum it until this week.  Listened to it and not a bell rang anywhere for miles.  So I will embed it here.  And I will ask you, pantless readers.  Have you ever heard this song?  Let me know in the comments. And don’t lie.  This is like science.

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