There are a lot of people who work on this site. Some of them like to be named, others not so much. But given what happened with our host last week – I feel it is appropriate to point out that without Evangeline – there really would not be a site at all.

We have over 75000 pictures in the Mine (that’s what we call the picture section). 90% of those were put in there by Evangeline. And if you can name anything you have done more than 75000 times, then I would love to hear it. Unless it is whacking it or bouncing a tennis ball. Those are not impressive feats unless done simultaneously.

She moderates the forum, helps the new writers get acquainted with things, edits people’s columns when they ask her to, and a million other things that I only realize when she is not around. I realize them because I can’t actually DO them.

Anyway – I would like anyone who sees this post to thank Evangeline for her work. If you don’t, then I am going to find a robot to fuck your mouth. Oh, wait. I already have one. So thank her. She deserves it. And also the robot thing.  Click to see my robot after the jump!