megan-mullally-0043Karen Walker is still gone from my TV and Megan uses her regular voice on her new show, In The Motherhood.  I will watch it anyway.  It premieres Thursday night on NBC.  From what I’ve seen on previews, her new character looks to share a bit with Karen Walker who, by the way, I want to be when I grow up.  She plays a mom to a teenage son who has more of his shit together than she does.  Her friends are other moms at different stages of their lives and blah blah the kids say/do funny things and hijinks ensue.  In an interesting twist, this show is (allegedly) appealing to the public to share their funny parenting stories which they then (supposedly) use as plot lines on the show.  Click here if Junior said something funny yesterday and you want to share.  Horatio Sans, Cheryl Hines and Jessica St. Clair also star.  This could be awesome but it could also be just another sitcom.  I’m counting on you, Karen Walker.

Megan Mullally

Cheryl Hines