So I added this new comment thingy to the site.  It let’s you quote comments and has some other features as well.  Of course it let’s you sign up for an account (hooray?) but it doesn’t force you to.  So all in all it may end up being a net gain.

Until I get sick of it.

See, I am pretty fickle.  Like the pets I insisted I wanted and later ate, the many careers I trained for and later quit and the many girls I professed love to and later ate, I get bored with Internet gadgetry.  You may remember that I added that other comment thingy a while back and then turned it off, and at another point I turned the site into nothing but pee porn (that was quite a day!).

So rather than me deciding all on my own that this was a shitty idea, I have decided to leave it up to all of you.  Make comments and let me know if I should keep it.  That way I will feel like I involved you in the process.  Unless I forget I have a site and wander off down the street naked looking for that pigeon who stole my magic tennis ball.