As part of the Gallery 10th anniversary, we decided to expand our empire a little bit, and are really proud to be launching Strangeful Things tonight, on the anniversary of the Gallery.  That way we don’t need to remember more than one anniversary.

Strangeful Things tells you stories you haven’t heard before about topics that you love.  Murder, monsters, mayhem, malevolence, we have it all.  And we try to tell you terrible things in an amusing way.  No sense making things gloomy!

We are submitted to itunes, Google Play and Stitcher and hopefully we will be approved in the next 24 hours or so so you can subscribe.  In the meantime, you can stream it right from the site.

Let us know what you think. And if you want us to let you know when the feed is approved, comment or use the contact page and we will reach out.  Have fun!