I'm still a sexy vixen. Look! I'm licking a whip and wearing plastic.

I’m still a sexy vixen. Look! I’m licking a whip and wearing plastic.

I snagged this pic thanks to Loolpooq at The Tongue Show and it’s a pretty good one of her.  I’m just curious the circumstances surrounding the taking of it.  I have no idea if this is from a photo shoot for a…uhhh…Japanese sex toy store or a random tackle and feed company or what.

My best guess is she has noticed no one is interested in her any longer.  She got married, made her already-long name longer, spent an entire season looking fat and frumpy and Desperate Housewives is in the shitter.  Yeah, I’m pissed they killed off Edie.  She was my fave.  The show will suck without Edie and I will be pissed if she makes appearances from “beyond the grave.”

At any rate, I’m thinking she felt she had to up the ante a bit and try to remind us she is still a curvy, naughty girl who can cram herself into unforgiving fabrics.