By now, most of you have probably seen the blood transport outside of Amy Winehouse’s flat now but exactly how does that work? Do you call and say that you need some blood? Do they offer this in the United States? What if I want plasma? What if I’m a vampire? Imagine the safety issues for humans if vampires could just order up blood. And what’s with the scooter delivery? I would think that a van would be more appropriate. I mean, it does get hot in England sometimes so I guess they pack it in dry ice but still, a scooter? I mean, come on. You’re getting lifesaving blood, for Pete’s sake! Maybe the blood delivery service can’t afford reliable transportation but they could always pass the cost on to the consumer. You want blood? You’ll bloody well pay for it. I’m curious if they’re doing a blood transfusion right in the house. Where’s hospice when you need it?!? Hey, maybe she’s a vampire! That would explain things, now wouldn’t it?

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