Pennywise is back in business after a slight hiatus. IT Chapter 2 is out in theaters this September and everyone’s abuzz over the amazing teaser trailer that dropped recently. Of course, one of my personal favorite Stephen King novels, the scene with Bev as she revisits her childhood home is sure to send shivers down your spine. While it’s been 2 years for us since the release of IT, it’s been 27 years for the members of the Losers Club and their nemesis is back in Derry. Let’s look at who we have lined up to play the adult versions of our beloved Losers.

Starting with Beverly Marsh, Jessica Chastain has stepped into Bev’s troubled adulthood as she heads back to Derry to reunite with her old pals. Bill Hader as Richie Tozier is sure to bring a smile to our face, only if IT’s temporary (see what I did there?). James McAvoy will play the troubled Bill Denbrough, whose brother Georgia fell victim to Pennywise 27years earlier. James Ransone will play Eddie Kaspbrak and Jay Ryan is coming in as a slim and trim Ben Hanscom. Our old friend of Old Spice fame, Isaiah Mustafa is Mike Hanlon, the only member of the Losers Club to remain in Derry all this time. Andy Bean is set to play Stanley Uris, although without any spoilers, we’re not sure how much screen time he’ll get. And of course, it wouldn’t be Chapter 2 without Bill Skarsgard returning as Pennywise himself.

The Losers reunite as folks start going missing again in the town of Derry and they vow to put an end to Pennywise once and for all. I have a few scenes I am personally looking forward to, like the one where the most ever blood in once scene exists – ever. From the trailer we can see the younger actors will also return and reprise their roles. In one heartbreaking scene from the teaser a reflection of seven friends can be seen but only six adults are present. I’ll let you decipher that code.

Check out the trailer below and comment with your thoughts on the casting of the adult Losers Club. Subscribe to Superficial Gallery for all your horror needs and stay tuned as more teasers drop for IT Chapter 2.