Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

So Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have a new album.  You can listen to one cut, First Flash of Freedom; I’m not in love with it.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments.  In happy news, they are hitting the road this summer.  The closest they are coming to me, though, is Denver with Joe Cocker.  Stupid New York and Philadelphia get Buddy Guy.  Undeserving bastards.  That’s kinda fun except I won’t get to go.  Denver is just…too…something.  And it is a goal of mine to see them in a small venue.  But!  If you are lucky enough to live in one of their tour cities and you buy your tix online (and why wouldn’t you?) you get a special party favor:

All tickets purchased online will include an MP3 download of the electrifying new album, Mojo.

After you purchase your tickets online, you will receive an email within 3-5 days with codes entitling you to download two tracks from Mojo (“First Flash Of Freedom” and “Good Enough.”) Then, on the release date of the album, currently slated for this spring, you will be sent a download of the entire album. Also included with every online ticket purchase, to be delivered at the end of the 2010 tour, will be a selection of live tracks recorded during the tour.
So that right there is a pretty sweet deal and pretty much in character since he has been very outspoken about the cost of albums and the shitty practices of music labels in general.  I figure this is him appreciating his fans while flipping the bird to the label.  Who doesn’t love a twofer?
And lastly, if any of you do go, please tell him I said to lose the facial fur.  Thanks.  And also, I hate you because you not only got to see them but you were close enough to pass on my message.  Grrrr.  Triple grr if you are in NY or PA.