Jane Doe, party of 1.

Imagine you have just spent a week in a desolate corn field in Iowa in freezing temps. That’s not the creepy part. You decide on your long trip back home to watch a good scary movie. Isn’t that what most people do on planes these days? You download a movie that your favorite person in the world, Stephen King, has spoken highly of and close the window in anticipation for what’s to come. Enter “The Autopsy of Jane Doe”.

Full disclosure – there’s a lot of nudity in this film. But just Jane Doe, as if the word autopsy doesn’t give it away. So unless you’re cool with weird glances as you are fully engrossed in the dissection of a nude woman on a plane, keep that in mind. In flight service was amidst full bush so I think my cookies and ginger ale came at the perfect time.

The plot is terrifying. And incredibly well done in my opinion. Without spoiling for those who want to watch, I’ll just say the twists are worth it. Set primarily in a mortuary, the simplicity is refreshing. In true horror fashion, it’s subtle yet in your face once you realize who – or what – Jane Doe really is. Link to the trailer below – check it out on Netflix today! You won’t be disappointed.

Comment if you have watched the film and let us know what you think. Or come on back once you have and let’s talk about Jane Doe!

Ring a ling, ring a ling – who’s there?