Ooooh, I want some!

Ooooh, I want some!

This photo shoot is from December 2008 but I was out of it that month so it is all new to me.  I bet most of you haven’t seen it already either, so there.  Anyway, she did a 2009 calendar for Campari and the pix are so lusciously summery, I think July in the Northern Hemisphere is the right time to take a peek.  A pitcher of Campari Sangria sounds pretty flipping awesome right now, too.

I’m trying to sort out why she’s famous besides being gorgeous.  I’ve only seen a couple of her movies and they were…nothing special.  Just generic rom-coms where she didn’t display any amazing chemistry.  She was just sort of there.  And she isn’t slutty at all.  All I can figure is she has that gorgeous girl-next-door vibe going on.

My views are a bit biased as she has said terrible things about New Mexico and has tried to distance herself from her Latina heritage.  I really don’t like her.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Tongue