If I am real, you are fucked.  Think about it.

If I am real, you are fucked. Think about it.

Since it is Easter today, and you Anti-Semites are all about Jesus, I thought I would find five videos with the word Jesus in them.  And they are all actually ABOUT Jesus.  Not things like, “Jesus, that guy just took a shot to the nads!”  I only did five because I know you all have to get to church.  If you are pressed for time, watch the first one and the last one.  If you have plenty of time, you are probably not going to church.  And hey, we weren’t speaking of Passover (again with the Antisemitism!), but I wonder:  can a woman go to Seder if she has a yeast infection?

And now….. Jesus!  Jesus Pwned U

The golf one is the best of the bunch.  And Jesus is much faster than I thought he would be.

The rest of the videos are after the jump.

Johnny Cash – Personal Jesus

Did he just sing other people’s songs for the whole end of his career?  I mean, that’s fine, but Depeche Mode?

Jesus is My Friend

Two million other people have already seen this – but if you haven’t yet, then you need to.  Otherwise, skip ahead.

Funny Jesus

This one is more weird than funny – but I wish I could make my face into a picture.

If Jesus Ran for President

How come this was not more famous during the election?