OK, so I think that there are movies that have been remade that didn’t need to be (Psycho).  And there are movies that were remade that were better than the original (The Blob!  Shawnee Smith Foreva!!!) but I don’t know of any other movie that was remade by the guy who made the first one.

Ju-on is that movie, and it is one of the 31 Scariest Movies of All Time.  Not only did it get remade from the original Japanese but the same director directed it.  I will admit I have only seen the American version but I don’t need to see the Japanese version to know it’s scarier than ours.  Why?  Cause everything those frigging people do is scarier.  We have dirty cartoons of French maids and big boobed superheros.  They have tentacle rape porn.  We have Army guys.  They have Kamikazes.  I think I heard that Japanese Santa Claus is naked from the waist down and throws shit and fire at children from his sleigh made out of panties.

Wait, I didn’t hear that Santa thing.  I read it somewhere.  Maybe in the preceding paragraph.  Anyway, if you needed any more proof that the Japanese version is better and scarier let’s see which one of them has Sarah Michelle Gellar in it.  American one?  Check.  I rest my case.  So go watch the trailer after the jump while I go download the live action Scooby Doo.