So this happened.

And since talking about the real news is too depressing, let’s discuss the pros and cons of the Walking Dead actress becoming Barbra Gordon.

Pro:  She is nice.  I have seen her at some cons.  I have not gone to her table to get a picture because she is like, 18 years old and me paying for a picture of her seems weird.  But again, seems wicked nice.

Con:  The last Catwoman was Anne Hathaway and the one before that was Michelle Pfeiffer so I think they are probably going to be looking for A-Listers for their female characters.  Then again, Alicia Silverstone WAS the only Batgirl so maybe I am just being sidetracked by Selina?

Pro:  Warner Brothers and DC are in such a bad place right now that putting in some lesser known people might not be a bad idea.  It worked for Elizabeth Olson!

Con:  By the time they make a movie with Batgirl in it, Katelyn will be too old to play her.  I don’t believe anything they say they have on their schedule.

And I guess that is the main thing with all of this.  Whatever decisions are being made about the DC universe are so weird and rumor filled that the only thing I can write about IS A TWEET THAT WAS UST ANSWERING A QUESTION THAT A FAN ASKED!

FFS what has my life become?  What did you do to me, BvS?

PS Pro:  Katelyn Nacon is so sweet she answers fans who tweet at her.

Next time on “Whatever, Marvel” (which is what I guess writing about DC movies is really all about) I will discuss my idea to fix the DC Universe!