Many times when I am thinking about real estate, I wonder if I could possibly get a Realtor who wasn’t just a realtor.  And I don’t mean something stupid, like a candy bar or a bird bath.  I mean some kind of other identity.  Like, what if your realtor was also a secret agent.  Like Brock Sampson!

Well, look no further.  I bring you Kevin A. Kantor.  The most kickass realtor you will ever meet.  He is an elite member of the New Mexico Real Estate Professionals directory, and I think the A in his name stands for assassin.

How do I know?  Well, I don’t just look for people’s credentials.  I also look at what they do for fun.  And Kevin A. Kantor’s idea of fun is pretty much the most awesome tough guy stuff ever.  And I quote (emphasis placed by me):

Real Estate Investing & Marketing, Primerica Financial Specialist/Advisor. Boating, Boxer Organization, Unarmed Defensive Tactics Instructor, K-9’s, Fugitive Recovery/Apprehension.

The only thing that does not make any sense out of all these hobbies is boating.  Unless he is riding a boat down a river of lava chasing a fugitive, he should not be talking about boating at all.  He should be accenting the unarmed defensive tactics and the K-9’s.  Notice how he didn’t say dogs?  Sissies say dogs.

Now, I have done zero research and I still can’t really figure out how Fugitive Recovery and Apprehension can be a hobby.  Unless you count running down your driveway in your underwear waving a golf club.  So I figure he is just being modest.  I bet he lures fugitives to open houses so he can recover them.  And then does some boating….

Why am I posting about Kevin A. Kantor?  Because after some self-examination, I realize I may be in love with him.  Just a little bit.  Or a lot.

Oh, and if you don’t believe me – go see him now.  And I will even give him some sweet SEO.

New Mexico Real Estate.