“Does this perfect cupcake distract your eyeballs from the glob of flesh seeping out of my skanky dress? Oh gooood!”

I admit I’ve never seen the Keeping Up With Klassless Rich People show, but here is what I know about her from gossip sites and ET:  she has surgically enhanced her T&A to ridiculous proportions; she let some guy pee on her face during a videotaped sexual encounter; she’s a fame whore moron who thinks attention equals worth.  I guess she is now taking on Betty Crocker and created a cupcake mix or something else wicked stupid.

For my money, if you want a brunette with crazy curves, go lookit Sofia Vergara.  She has a body that just won’t quit (without being flabby like KK), she has a beautiful face and is proving herself to be a very gifted comedic actress on ABC’s Modern Family.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Tongue