Combine a hit movie with a celebrity death. Like when Harrison Ford died after Empire Strikes Back!

I was looking around the Internet this morning to see how many people were doing ‘Best of’ lists for the year or the decade.  Quite a few have.  But not me.  Not yet.  Decade isn’t over yet.  Something could still happen.  Like I said last week when Brittany Murphy died, make your list too early then you could end up getting screwed.  Now, depending on what you are counting, it might be OK to publish your list now.  I don’t think any more movies are coming out.  No new albums.  The list of best Olympics of the decade is pretty safe.

But my list is gonna be different, so there is still time for you to make it on there.  Here’s some things you can do:

  • Catch Osama Bin Laden
  • Catch Osama Bin Laden but then let him go.
  • Acquire super strength or the ability to fly.
  • Make a sex tape.
  • Show your boobs (this really only counts if you are Sarah Michelle Gellar or Winona Ryder).
  • Write me a nice note explaining why you should be on the list.  Feel free to include a pic of your boobs.  There is no contradiction with my previous item here because SMG and Winona don’t need the note.
  • Create a ‘Green Job’.  LOL I know that one is impossible.

OK, you have one week.  Take some initiative for once.  Sheesh.