These books have enormous potential to be very influential in the indoctrination and brainwashing of your youth. The imagery is about as subtle as a kick to the crotch. If you want your children to get a real head start on becoming even huger losers than you are — full of class envy, judgmental, and gullible to boot, these books are just the ticket.

Notice the nasty rich couple walking past and ignoring the beggar — errr, I mean homeless person.

Notice the big ole’ mean elephant barging down the road. Wonder why they chose an elephant instead of..say, maybe like a stubborn jackass. Oh wait…

In this one, look at the upper class people in front of their elite school. But…but, shouldn’t there be affirmative action students in the picture, who got in because of their skin color?

And finally, they should have put Al Gore’s face on the happy earth, not Michael Moore-on’s. Oh, but Gore uses enough electricity at home to run 20 households. Well then, they should have put his face on the poor little sick feeling earth.

And why does that beggar…er, homeless person keep showing up? Where is his “Will work for food” sign?