I mentioned this on Twitter last night, and I will say it here.  I got an email last night which is either a big fat joke or for some reason someone thinks we are a real website or something and can help be a part of their ‘viral’ marketing.  So for now, I am gonna play along cause I think it is cool.  Then again, I went to a message board for a while where people made superhero costumes, took pictures of themselves and made pretend superhero movies and I thought THAT was cool.  At least until I got all the way through the picture thread and realized I had looked at 74 pages of mostly dudes and not hot chicks.

This might be the same thing, but take a look and comment on the poster below.  I figure it has to be an Internet Movie or someone else would know about it or something.  I don’t think movies can be a secret.  Also – I don’t think it is completely centered right.  But it IS cool looking.  Anyway.  Discuss.

[singlepic id=404 w=320 h=240 float=center]