I don’t think enough people appreciate Jethro Tull for the moderately successful band that they were.  And I am really sick and tired of people thinking that Jethro Tull is the lead singer.  His name is Ian Anderson.  The band is named after the guy who invented the seed drill.

Anyway – I chose this song and this video because last night in the Batcave (join today!), Hotspur was lamenting the fall of civilization.  So I wanted to take a peek at civilization in 1977.  This video is what you get.  Ian Anderson in leggings, wielding a flute and throwing big balloons around.  A lot changes in 31 years.  Leggings are out.  But big balloons are making a comeback.  Watch the live version to get a taste of what Hotspur is missing.  Then listen to the studio version after that to hear what the song is supposed to sound like.

Which reminds me.  How come Youtube is so full of songs with a montage of pictures playing along with it.  Is that how they get around copyrights?  Just wait until I learn Flash or whatever they make that shit with.  I will montage you right in the face!

Anyway – watch the videos after the jump.  It’s a kick ass song.

Live Version (with big balloons)

Studio Version (sans balloons)

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